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Who wants to be a Millionaire? If I ask this question from you, your answer would be, “yes, I want to be a Millionaire”. Becoming a millionaire is not so tuff.

But not everyone becomes a millionaire. There is something which millionaire or billionaires are doing which I and you are not doing.

To know the answer to what they do first you should understand universal truth. The truth is

“If you want something you have to give something”.

There is nothing in this world which is free, except for your parent’s love.

Who wants to be a millionaire for them here are a few simple steps to follow. But to follow and move on this path not easy that is why there are few millionaires/billionaires in this world.

This is the first step that you should take. Check your financials mean you should know where you are standing in your current position in your finances. Collect all data of your cash and cash equivalent. Cash in Bank account, FD, money in the stock market, the amount in SIP/Mutual Funds, the current value of your car, etc. After collecting data count your cash and cash equivalent, you will get a figure. That figure will tell your net worth. By doing this you will get an idea. The idea is that if you move like your current style, will you able to become a millionaire or not? If not, then don’t worry at least you get an idea where you are standing. Now, from here you have to follow the path that leads to millionaires.

After doing this you should also note down your income and expenses.

Under Income, you can add your salary, income from rental property, or interest you are earning on your investments. Also, your expenses include your monthly food, shopping, travel, home, and other similar things that are taking money from you.

If you do this and track regularly you get to know where you are spending unknowingly.

This will show your Financial Status.


Once you get an idea about your financials, in this 2nd step you must set your millionaire target. A millionaire target means how much amount you want to achieve.

If you say I want to earn a lot of money or that much amount where I will be happy. Let understand another truth that just to say a lot of money you cannot get that amount into your possession.

Here you have to set your desired goal, your amount value what you want to achieve with a time frame. Note down somewhere it should strike always in your eyes or your mind.

To be a millionaire, setting your goal is an important step, without your goal you can only wish to be a millionaire. Once you set your goal, you feel your burning desire arising inside you.

In addition to your goal, now check options other than your current income. Because to become a millionaire you cannot rely on a single source of income with your job. If you settle for less you will get only less.

Someone says, “Always be happy but never settle, you will only get what you settle for”.

Fight till you do not achieve what you want.


In step-3, you have to look for new opportunities or new options from where you can achieve your goal. If your current work/job/business if not able to give what you set then you have to look for new options.

Who wants to be a Millionaire, you have to search; you must have to look new opportunities because

you only get what you look for”.

We should understand that we are living in the financial world. We have to attract subconsciously our financial target. You have to move in that direction which leads to your target. You have to meet peoples who give you direction. Ask them for the right path.

For example, if you are going for an exam in a different locality or different state. You only know the address but you don’t know the right path. To reach the exam center either you follow Google map (which gives you direction) or you ask peoples for the right direction.

“There is something in this world which is only for you, if you do not look for it, it will not be yours” – Jaspreet (The True Investment).


In this world, if you have no skill you cannot earn a single penny. You have to do some work at least. If your current skills are not able to give something than you should learn new skills. A new skill should be related to your goal only after you can achieve your target.

For example, if you and your friend working in the same company and you both good at your work. But your friend has extra managing skills but you don’t have any. Definitely at the time of performance evaluation your friend has an extra edge which helps him better promotion than you.


Building liabilities instead of assets leads you in a black deep empty well.

We humans have a lot of unnecessary desires which we have generously not in control. These unnecessary desires build liabilities. And these liabilities create debt over us.

The second major reason after unnecessary desire is our credit card. Just because of our desires we purchase on credits those things which are more in value than our income.

Income (₹10,000/-) – Purchase (₹15,000/-) = Debt (-₹5000/-)


Here is the major difference between you and a millionaire.

We always watch TV; go for Netflix, Amazon prime uploading pictures with friends and family over social media apps.

But millionaires are not following entertainment, they follow Infotainment. They always look forward to learning things. They always try to learn thing which always helps them to stay a millionaire. Millionaires use YouTube for learning, use Amazon Kindle for reading books, uploading free journals over the internet to teach others to get more knowledge.

A strange fact, if you watch one movie, it will impact your mind for the next 1 month. That impact will not able to concentrate your subconscious mind to focus on your target.

But if you learn things relating to your target, it will lead you to your target.

“Giving time to entertainment is really a wastage of time”.

“Giving time to infotainment is really an immense utilize of time”.

If you are reading this article you are doing infotainment because you are learning something. But after reading, if you watch TV, listen to music rather than focus on the millionaire target you are doing entertainment which is a real waste of time.


Last but not least, if you follow peoples who did nothing in their life then you also get nothing in your life. This is what the majority of peoples are doing.

But if follow those peoples who have achieved something in their life, you also get some in your life.

Who wants to be a millionaire, you must learn people like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and many more. If you learn closely these peoples, they have done something different than a traditional business. They are learning regularly, persistence in their work. They have the passion to do something which keeps them in 1% of the world’s population.

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Who wants to be a Millionaire? I asked this again because if you follow these above steps I bet, you are a millionaire. We should have goal-oriented desires, faith in yourself, and persistence in our work met with like-minded peoples.

If you give importance on these steps very soon you become Millionaire. Always remember the only Job cannot make you Millionaire.


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