Rat Race Killing Your Life


How many of us get true success for financial freedom? How many of us living our life according to our terms? Why many of us not living our life happily? How many of us wanted to wake up slowly with no pace to rush off in the morning to get ready for the office?

In today’s world, most people don’t know what they are doing. They also don’t know what they wanted from their life. Even they also don’t know what they wanted to do in their life. Every living creature on earth is present for some purpose. If I get to know my purpose in life, I can make my life successful. But the truth is not most of the people know the purpose of their life.

For this reason, they are living life purposeless, spent most of the time in poverty and living miserably.

90% of the job doing population does those things which they don’t like. They do under the influence of family, their situations, joneses because these influencer’s also don’t know what they are working. So they just pass this purposeless life to the next generation as well.

You have a regular life routine, doing jobs from 9 am to 5 pm back home watching TV, spending time with family & sleep. And do similar things all of your life and stay in frustration and poverty.

Most of the people don’t love their job. Even they don’t do anything which gives them a clear view of life and get freedom from 9 to 5 jobs.

“This is that RAT RACE which people think, this is best life but this is nothing more than a trap which shows them beautiful mirage in a desert”. Even you win this race you still a loser…!!!! – Jaspreet

To complete our requirements we get loans. Currently, the bank system, financial institutions are ready every time to provide loans to you for your every requirement. Either the requirement is for a new car or a new home. Now, our salaries went completely to cover loan EMI’s. Then a time comes when we have to go to work of 9 to 5 jobs to give regular EMI on time every month.

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Because if we are not able to cover the EMI’s on time we may get penalties. Even the bank or financial institutions take back our new car or our home. In this way, we get deep inside this Rat Race.

The bitter truth of our life is; we are trained to be a Rat for a Rat Race life.

Now, the question is who trained us?

The answer is our education system….!!!

The education system never taught us about “what is Money” or even little taught about “Entrepreneurship” only.

Our education system only helps us to get our livings but not help us “how to live financially free”. [Check Are you Financially Educated?]

I hope you understand that you are living a RAT RACE life.

Now, what next…??

Definitely, a question comes in your mind, how I came out this RAT RACE?

I will tell you how you can come out of this Rat Race. How you can live freely on your terms. And how you can live with financial freedom and live the rest of your life out of this RAT RACE.

Here are my few tips which help you to live a rat race free life:


The first and foremost things are to start your passive income. You need to work after 9 to 5 working hours. You have to make a routine to work after your office on the things you love the most. It can give you the value of your work. You have to earn the amount which is equal to or more than your salaries. It will take time to build your own but it is the only way out from the rat race. [Check your Salary Increment Performance]

Working in cubical between 9-5 for the sake of money is trading of your valuable time for money which is part of the rat race.

It is always better to work 14 hours every day for the next 3-5 years from now to live a stress-free life. Rather work 8 hours daily for the next 40 years to stay in the same position to live rat race life.


The people, who are living in a Rat Race, not have a mind of value creation. Their thinking is to do less work according to their salary only. Their thinking is,

“I have less salary and I will only do work which I will get when my salary will increase than I will give little more efforts to get other things done”.

This kind of mindset will give you nothing; you always live in a rat race. You have to learn new things every day which give you new skill sets which help your life in a better way.

For successful people, the value creation mindset is very necessary. You are doing a job or you are doing your business, the value added to your work gives your life top speed. [Read: How to Build Best Income Generating Assets?]

You will always out of the rat race or even ahead of rat race peoples.


“Always pay yourself”, I read this tag in a book, “RICH DAD POOR DAD” written by Robert Kiyosaki. He explained this very well why you pay yourself first.

Whenever you get your paycheck you must pay yourself first.

Now, you are thinking the pay-check is for yours. All money is yours then the meaning of pay yourself.

It means that before you spend your money over anything you must put a part of your salary to your valuable assets which give you more money.


What Rat Race living peoples do is that they spent their money on unnecessary things which they do not require. But they seem it is necessary for them.

But a music system or buy a costly phone does not gives you anything, buying things just to show your status in public is a shame.

“If I talk about me, I purchased a brand new iPhone of about ₹42K and use for almost 3 years. What I did with the iPhone in these years is just for taking calls, use WhatsApp, and play Asphalt (my favorite game)”.

These things I can easily do with only ₹10K phone as well.

Let me clear I am a fan of an iPhone (Apple Product) and still I love that but the amount is not justifiable with my usage.

If you really come out of this rat race you should stop buying unnecessary things. This helps in increasing your savings which you can allocate on to your business and start working on it. This will really give you a boost. Because the iPhone gives you nothing but business gives more money than your salary. This helps you to buy an iPhone then and this will keeps you out from Rat Race.


I will not repeat the phrases again. But it is your time to think and make a better decision about which life you want to live in. “A life living in a Hamster wheel where you are running at full pace but at the same position, you will reach nowhere” or “enjoyable life which everybody deserves to live”…!!!

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    1. Thanks Dhiraj,
      I hope now you understood, that we are living in Rat Race. And also I hope you may follow some on my suggestions (If possible) or you have some other idea which I can share with peoples pl. let me know as well.
      Keep follow, in near future some most important things I will share on my blog.

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