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We are living in a male dominating world where there is a difference in the sex ratio. According to WHO, there are 105males over 100 females in the world. And this ratio is more dominating in India as 108males over every 100 females. All those years women living in a society where they get married, give birth to kids, and grown-up. Also, living their whole life inside their home only. Gone are those days & now women are living in a society with equality, doing different kinds of jobs, businesses which earlier was done by men. But still, there is one area where women must think and take charge to change life for themselves and their families. Investment for women can lead them to their financial freedom. Investment for women can give charge of their financials that make their life change and make them able to become more confident. 

If women are financially educated in their home, they make their kids grown up financially strong. Generally, women manage their household finances that run their home smoothly month on month. But financially independent women make fortunes for their families.

Yes, investment for women cannot change their life immediately but it will change over the period with incremental gain.

Investment is a powerful tool for women. That must use and built a separate independent investment portfolio, that leads to a financially independent life.

The Inflation rate and Rising Cost of Living

We all are dealing with the inflation rate that deteriorates the value of our money. If women in a house are financially literate only, then a home can survive. Most of the people in India do not know about how the inflation rate degrades the value of money. Then imagine how women know about this concept. That is a basic concept; only a few women know about this.
Only Financially independent women cope up with the inflation rate, can contribute to the daily expenses of the household, and meeting the family’s financial goals.

Household Expenditure

A woman has a natural capability to take control of their household expenditure. Almost every middle-class home has a woman as a finance minister. They can easily manage every tuff situation. Either man got a decent salary or facing salary cuts, house finance minister always able to manage their home. My wife is the best example of my salary cuts.

This capability proves that women can take control of their finances.

To meet financial Emergencies

Nothing is permanent, and nobody knows about their future. An emergency does not bell the ring to enter in your life. Women must always be ready to cater the financial emergencies.

Investment for Women and Wealth creation


There are several ways where women can invest their money or savings. Few are below:

SIP Investment

We all know women are more sincere and consistent at their work, if they decide a target, she starts working to meet the target with sincerity and consistency. Women are more focused on their goals. So, SIP investment is the best investment for women. As they can continue to invest their money for a longer period. That can give an incremental gain in long run. (Use SIP calculator)

Different Mutual Funds

There is another option for investment for women are a different kind of Mutual funds. According to risk-taking capability, one can invest their money. Some popular options are debt-based mutual funds, balanced mutual funds, and Equity-based mutual funds.

Conventional Savings

A household woman, we generally say house-wives can use conventional savings as an investment for women. Women generally keep aside some amount from household expenses. Keeping these savings in a cupboard gives nothing. But to keep in fixed deposits or PPF schemes can give at least some return.

But these conventional savings cannot beat the inflation rate. So, women must start to read about money management and investment.

Gold Investment

Women generally love Gold jewelry. Whenever she got some good amount, she starts exploring new designer gold jewelry. An expert woman investor can add Gold as an investment in their portfolio rather than buy jewelry. (Read How to Invest in Gold)

A clever mix of all these investments for women can lead them towards financial freedom. The amount that keeps women with themselves must not give to their father, husband, or son. Keep them with you only. Let the feeling of having something comes to your mind. That gives you a different kind of confidence that can change you and your family life.


Household women work selflessly all day from morning till midnight and start working again from the next morning without any monetary benefits. So, if she saves something from expenses help her to start investing. That can build self-confidence in herself. Similarly, give respect to those who do a job from morning to evening and back home and start working again till midnight.

A woman is a power that can change the world and your life. Investment for women is a powerful tool that leads women to empowerment.



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