Break the habit of poor mindset


The habit of Poor Mindset – The last year 2020, when the government imposed a nationwide lockdown due to the spread of COVID-19, the company where Suresh was working, shuts its operations. 1st they shut for 15 days and later shut for one month as lockdown extended. Due to that, the company decided to lay off some employees. Suresh was on that list. Suresh was very upset and depressed. He was only thinking about how his life will move further, then he met with Ramesh and said, “company lay-off me, and now it’s hard to get a job.  My family will become poor, and we do not get our regular paycheck.

Ramesh: This is very sad news. Do not worry; everything will be goanna alright. Even my company also discharge me last week.

Suresh: Oh! You have not said to me.

Ramesh: Yes, I have not said because it is a part of life. We will rise again when the time comes.

Suresh: I am very depressed, and you look cool and normal. Many thoughts are running in my mind. I do not want my family to suffer just because of a lack of money.

Ramesh: Now, you will become poor!

Suresh gets more depressed by listening to this from Ramesh. He becomes more tensed. Tension can be seen in his face.

Ramesh: You will become poor if you continue to think in the same fashion. That is your habit of poor mindset. I am also suffering the situation, but it does not mean I allow to suffer myself.

Change your habit of poor mindset if you wanted to live your life well and taste success.


Ramesh: You are not poor, and you will not become poor in the future as well. You only need to take out this thought from your mind.

Needless; to say, nobody prefers to be poor or live a life of misery. A person who does not have sufficient wealth to meet the necessities of life is poor. A poor is a long-term situation. But your situation is short-term. Also, you have sufficient backup or wealth to meet your necessities. That means you are not poor. But your mindset is poor.

Suresh: My mindset is poor! How?

Ramesh: You have convinced yourself that your circumstances are fixed & living paycheck to paycheck is the best you can do. But this is not true. Everyone gets through rough patches, that does not mean this is the end of life.

According to my, someone with a poor mindset believes that life has thrown them, and challenges are impossible to overcome.

You only need to change the habit of a poor mindset and free yourself to live a beautiful life. Yes, it is difficult at starting but not impossible. And I know you can do it.


Desire or Vision

Ramesh: Once, I have read a book, “Think & Grow Rich,” written by Napoleon Hill. Beautiful lines were written by him,

“The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak Desire brings weak results just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat”.

Desire is the foremost thinking that is required to achieve something. Let me ask you some questions.

Do you have hopes and dreams that you want to achieve? And you constantly thinking of it?

Suresh: Yes, I have my dreams.

Ramesh: Is your dreams is big beyond what you think you are capable of today?

Suresh: I think that my dreams are sizeable, and one day I will achieve them.

Ramesh: Then, you must focus on your dreams. Your vision is far more important than what is happening in your circle.

Is your job being more important than your dreams?

Suresh: No, my job is not more important, but I have not other passive income. Currently, for my living, a job is my necessity.

Ramesh: OK, if your job is your necessity then wait for some time. Your time will come, and you get your job again.

Do not show these unnecessary feeling like just because you lost you job and you will become poor.

I told you earlier and now once again that, you will not become poor. You just focus on your vision, your dreams, so this kind of situation you cannot face again.

That can only by breaking your habit of poor mindset.

Use your Financial Skill

Ramesh: You are a smart investor with adequate financial knowledge. You already converted your conventional SIP into Step-up SIP. Also, you have done your retirement planning. Even you better know that your money is playing a compounding game. That will not let you poor in the future. In this current tuff situation, you only need to focus on your expenses.

Suresh: This all is only possible just because of you.

Ramesh: Now, is the time you must use your financial skills. Take control of your expenses and reduce debt. Not everyone knows how to manage their money. But the person with a rich mindset is proactive in managing their finances. They have a budget. Also, know how to invest in the stock market. A rich mindset person made it a priority to get out of debt.

Remember, do not get trapped in the web of easy money” through any illegal sources. It is never I never repeat an option.

This easy money and all are a habit of poor mindset. Do not get trapped in it. It looks lucrative but it is not.

Improve Yourself & break the habit of poor mindset

Ramesh: Tell me the answer to one more question. What is the biggest habit of a poor mindset?

Suresh: I am not in a situation to guess right now. My mind is not working, you tell, please!

Ramesh: OK, I will tell you. The biggest habit of a poor mindset is “not improving yourself.” Suresh, you are getting a lifetime opportunity to spend some quality time with your family at home. Even you are getting enough time to learn new skills that will help in your life.

I request you to learn something new that helps you in the future. Focus on your dreams, make a plan & step forward on it.

There’s always room for improvement for the person with a rich mindset and always seeks to improve. If you do something new, & getting failed, then do not worry. Instead, try again and do not afraid to fail.

Suresh: You are a gem in my life. Whenever I am in trouble, you are always there. I got your point now. I will focus on my dreams now and break the habit of a poor mindset. My ultimate dream is to be financially free, so this kind of situation does not bother me in my future.


Life is very small, and everybody faces bad situations. But that does not mean you just get under these situations and ruin your beautiful life. Focus on your dreams and chase them. Tuff situations come not to make you weaker but to make you stronger. Today is a great time to start developing your rich mindset and working towards your goal.


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