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First of all, many-2 congratulations, you are at that age where your life starts to change significantly. You have more responsibilities, you are married, have children and you have a spouse to please. Now, you have some different goals in your life. Some are short term goals and some are long term goals. If you look at your college your thought process and mentality are different. In your 20’s age, you were not thinking about the investments. But now in your 30’s age, you start thinking to grow more financially. You start some different tricks in which money can work for you rather you work for money. So, financial planning in your 30s is very significant at this age.

Financial Planning in your 30s age is a very good age to start. But yes this is true that it is always better to start planning earlier in your 20s age. The people who are thinking to start financial planning in your 30s – so congrats on making this decision. You are on the right track.

It’s been a long path here for most. Too many people got bogged down in life that they don’t even start investing until it is too late. Even they are confused between savings and investments.

“If you are in the 30s and deciding on investment plan than you is lucky, you still have plenty of time to save for your retirement & future”.

Here are some tips that help you to make your mind for financial planning in your 30s age. Understanding the financial rules to get the most out of it:

In your 20’s age, young people don’t think about their retirement because they always think “there is a lot of time for his/her retirement”. But when you entered your 30’s age things are change drastically, you are more mature now. This is the right time to think about your retirements. You should save some amount from your salaries only for your retirement. Start Investing in your 30s either in Stock Market, SIP, or invest in mutual funds or in real estate. This investment of your retirement should not be touched.

Calculate first, how much amount is sufficient for your retirement. Then invest and not to be touched in any case. In your 30’s you have handsome salaries than you are taking in your 20’s. This will grow further as you advance in your life. 

This is the right time now to think a little differently than your thinking in your 20’s. Because this is your life and you have to make it large.


When you entered in your 30’s you have a good idea of what is more valuable in your life. What kind of lifestyle you want to live in. This means that you should stop spending on things that don’t value your life. Do not spend your valuable money on unnecessary things that don’t add anything in your life. Be calm and sit down, just think about the things that are most in priority & which give you good value in your life.

If I talk about myself I spend so much on unnecessary things in my 20s age that doesn’t give anything till I didn’t realize it doesn’t mean anything to me. If you have a spouse involve her and constantly talking about what are the important things where we want to spend our money.


Young people in the 20s age wanted to use all luxuries their rich friend use, which they cannot afford. Just because of that they take loans to fulfill their desires and buy credits. By the time people entered in 30’s age, this keeps them in heavy debt & they cannot go for investment when they realize.

When you are in the 30s and have high-interest loans, the first foremost thing is that you should pay off your high-interest loans as early as possible. So, you can save more on your earnings and after paying off your debt and that part can be invested. This doesn’t mean you have to wait to start investing until your all debt is paid off.

Some low-interest loans/debt is good to keep. But you should continue to work on your high-interest debt to pay off before focusing on your investments. [Read more on Debt – Good or Bad?]


In 30’s age, this is the question for which people should have the answer. The answer to this question depends upon your goals.

“Always keep in mind that investment is the long term game, it requires patience”.

If you want you should have millions in your account by 60s age, you should start the investment right now. The below table helps you how much money you need to invest annually by assuming an 8% interest on investments to reach ₹1Cr.

AgeAmount to Invest Annually to Reach 1Cr.
30₹ 62,000/-
32 ₹ 75,000/-
34₹ 90,000/-
36₹ 1,10,000/-
38₹ 1,53,500/-
40₹ 1,85,000/-

The above table clearly shows that investing early is always better than late. For the same amount you need after 60’s age, you have to pay more at a later age than early. The bottom line here is that you need to save & invest as much as possible you can. If it is tuff to reach this goal, figure out ways to get there quickly until it’s too late. [Also Read: Power of Compounding]


In everybody’s life, a time comes when the person needs an amount of money instantly to tackle that time. For those surprises, emergency funds are required. The emergency fund is a store of money to set aside to cover financial surprises. If we did not keep an emergency fund, we will go deeper into debt. For that reason, we should have an emergency fund. The financial emergency could be anything from followings:

  • instant job loss
  • Medical help for family or our self
  • Home renovate or new construction or new house acquisition
  • Vehicle problem or new Purchase
  • Holiday travel costs

There are important benefits for keeping the emergency funds that are:

  1. The emergency fund keeps your stress level down; you do not overthink where the funds come up to.
  2. It helps you with making a good decision in your bad times.
  3. It helps to stop spending on an urge. 


In the end, I will only say that early investment is a good investment. But it doesn’t mean that if you don’t invest in your 20’s you have to lash out yourself. You should start investing now in your 30’s age realize that this is still a better age to start rather than to start more after 10-15 years.


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  1. Really appreciate the thinking and motivational quotes. Better late then never. Shall start investing soon with your guidence..


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