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20-25 years ago, there was a huge demand for engineers in India. This is because industries were growing. Either you are Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical/Civil engineer or in any other engineering field, there were lots of opportunities available. But now after 20-25 years, the time has changed, the population increased and unemployment also increases. But there is one sector where the Indian population never dares to go.i.e. the stock market. A career in the stock market has a huge potential to grow. You can never be poor again when you enter it.

In our schools, nobody taught us about financials or the stock market. This subject is always keeping away from us. That is why we don’t know much about the stock market and never think about making a successful career in the stock market. This one of the reasons why most of the students are not conscious of the prominent & elite career opportunities present in the scope of the stock market.

In India, only 2-4% of peoples knew about this market & 96-98% of peoples don’t know. This single ratio can give a clear view of the potential in this career. If we talk about the world 40% of the peoples are earnings only from the stock market. Due to some scams happenings in the past, that is the only reason people do not dare to enter into it.


The market is growing day by day & giving lots of opportunities as well. People from any background like science, commerce, arts are showing lots of interest.

I knew so many people from engineering backgrounds are making a successful career in the stock market itself. If we talk about Mr. Nitin Kamath, founder of Zerodha (discount Broker), he is an engineer by profession. He found the financial market so fascinating that he entered it. And we all know in 2018, Zerodha was awarded the best discount broker in India by NSE. (Click here to Know more about discount brokers)

National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) provide some courses and certifications; by clearing you can join NSE & BSE as well. The certifying authority for these courses is NISM/NCFM, which are nationally recognized certification mandatory for various professionals in the market in India. Below are some few career options in the stock market:

  • Entry-level Career: Equity Advisor, Relationship Manager, Dealer, Sales Agent, etc.
  • Middle-level Career: Technical Analyst, Fundamental analyst, Relationship Manager, Equity Research
  • Entrepreneurship: Advisory service, Broking-sub Broking services, Self-investment, Financial Advisor, Personal Financial Advisors, Financial Manager, Financial Consultant.

If somebody doesn’t want to pursue these courses, he/she still can make a perfect career in the stock market. Interested peoples need to follow few simple steps as below.

  • Reading Habits
  • Practice in the market


Book reading always enhances our knowledge. If we read books related to the market or finance it will provide lots of information. Mr. Warren Buffet, read 500 pages every day. It is not necessary to read books especially related to finance or the market, you can read books about your interest. Book related to sports, kitchen, and fiction, etc. whatever you read gives benefits to you; because every business is present in the stock market.

I recommend reading books because the author who is writing his book, he is giving all of his life experience in that book. And if we read those books, we can get those learning in a few days.


With reading books, you can also practice in the stock market. You can create a Demat account which is necessary to enter into the stock market. You can create a Demat account from any of the brokers. (Click here to know where to open your Demat account)

By practicing you can have better knowledge because your own money is in the market. And when you put your money, the fear of losing own money will push you to learn more and more.


After college, 90% of graduates need a job. Some get the job of his interest and others not. But the major motto of this 90 % of graduates is to earn money and earn quickly. They have no interest in that job but still pursue to continue because they are getting money, they are getting salaries.

  • But the stock market is the only place where you can earn money by learning and giving services to others as well. You will get money by reading books, you will get money by giving information to others, and you will get money by investing in the stock market as well.
  • By working or studying the stock market you will get entrepreneurial skills. When you start reading the company’s annual reports, your mind starts to broaden. You will get those skills and thinking of big companies. You can have more information about the country’s economy as well. That is the reason why most of the big business bosses talk about the country’s economy. Try to change the country’s living standards by giving more products and more employment opportunities.


The stock market can be a great career for the youngster because of the immense growth potential and variety of options available for career advancement. There is no need to have any major degrees like MBA, CA. You can achieve new heights of a career in this market without any degree. You just need to be consistent and more disciplined than others.

This market only talks about practical knowledge, not about any academic qualifications. A career in the stock market is both rewarding and challenging. India aiming to become a $5 trillion economy in the coming years. And with the current rate of practicing is being quite low. The potential for making a successful career in the stock market is very high. With perfect communicating and analytical skills, one can make a successful career in this world of the stock market.



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