Jaspreet Singh

He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession with more than ten years of working experience. He also holds an MBA degree in Project Management. The author is an entrepreneur who has tasted lot of failures in his life. His first start-up was a failure that doesn’t even stop him. He stood again and come forward with a thought to expand the awareness & knowledge of the people about financial literacy & financial freedom with his idea “The True Investment.” The author is following his childhood dream of touching the new highs that people don’t even dare to try.

Deepak Sharma

He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession with more than four years of working experience. He decided to follow his dreams and passion of becoming an entrepreneur. He started with the thought of creating a way to have a lot of free time for himself and his family. He came forward with an idea of “Investment Teachings” with a thought to spread the knowledge which he is gaining with those who share the same dreams.

Sarthak Sharma

He is an Automotive Engineer who has great aspirations for the knowledge. He started leaning towards financials after reading “The Richest Man in Babylon”. He wants to be a self-made man and has a childhood dream of becoming an Entrepreneur to bring change in the society and help others. He wants to be financially independent and pursue his interest in Digital Marketing and Content Writing. 

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