Hello World,

Hi, I am Jaspreet from the land of Mahabharata, Kurukshetra, Haryana. I am a Mechanical Engineer with almost 10 years of industry experience and continue counting.


During my childhood, I was always keen to check what is investments and the stock market. In my school and college some of my friends involved in trading. they were talking suddenly over the call and set their target prices to sell or buy the shares.

But I never tried to go deep inside it. Moving from my childhood I completed my Mechanical Engineering as well as my MBA and joined a company to work related to my engineering field. But still didn’t keep the stock market out of my mind.


When I joined my 2nd Company in my career, I met a few peoples who were doing trading over the stock market. These peoples making money, sometimes losing as well. One day, one of my close friends was talking with me about investments, and I just give him a hint. My friend and I opened a Demat account.

He studied himself and entered into the market and start trading. Still, I haven’t thought to start and move forward. Even my colleagues suggested me to invest at least Rs. 500/- monthly in SIP. But I ignored them. I was directionless in my career. I started my business with my friend and last long for three years, but we failed. 

When I joined another company, I met with another passionate guy who always talking with me about new ideas of working. While talking with him I make my mind that this is the right time to start some investments and entered into the market.

I found more interest in investments and markets day by day so, I started my blog www.thetrueinvestment.com to keep my childhood passion out and entered into this world. I want people to learn more about their financials to keep ahead of inflation rates and live their life financially free.

As I will try myself best to keep you, peoples, up to date and give you peoples more and more information about Investments.

This blog is an extension of my learning and thoughts only.

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